This module is a high voltage power supply dedicated to capacitor charging, the output current is regulated to 100mAdc and the charging voltage is programmable by a switch on the front panel from 0 to 1000Vdc in 100V steps. The output is floating, i.e. the plus and minus terminals can be subjected to an offset voltage of +/-2000V with respect to earth, which allows the charger to be used on resonant LC circuits for example.

The device is installed in a 3U crates 24TE wide, it is equipped with two front panel displays for voltage and charging current, an end of charge LED and a residual charge indicator LED when the mains is switched off. A logic on/off input on the rear connector is used to manage the load symbols.



  • Universal 85-240Vac input
  • Load current = 100mA
  • Max output power = 100W continuous
  • Floating outputs, isolated up to 2kV
  • End of charge indicator
  • Residual load indicator in case of power failure
  • Voltage and current output displays on front panel.
  • Backplane connector DIN41612H15M


  • Polarization of phototubes